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Professional proofreading and editing services for academic, medical, and scientific research article manuscripts

About Us

ManuscriptPro is an online, United States-based, privately-owned and -operated service that provides professional, English-language proofreading and editing services (and associated items) for academic, medical, research, and scientific article manuscripts or papers.

ManuscriptPro aims to becomes a leader in editing academic, medical, research, and scientific article manuscripts or papers. ManuscriptPro strives to help authors with enhancing their article manuscripts or papers in the English language and with getting their material published in appropriate journals.

– We provide ongoing support and updates regarding your order. We enjoy speaking with our clients and encourage ongoing, professional conversations.
– We highly respect your privacy and utilize secure systems to ensure that your work is always protected. We delete all copies of your submitted documents on our servers beyond 30 days of your initial upload.
– We provide excellent quality and nothing less. If you are somehow unsatisfied, we know that we need to try harder.
– If we provide you with an expected deadline for a service, then we make our best efforts to adhere to it.
– We work with authors to help them smile and succeed. We also have a close-knit group of professional editors with doctorate degrees.
– With an online shop, we provide exact prices for our services.

1. To maintain and update our fully-functional website that caters to the client and provides clear, organizational functions for our editors.
2. To attract and maintain individual and/or university-level clients by offering ongoing special offers and discounts.
3. To advertise and emphasize our native English language services in Asia, South America, and Europe.
4. To recruit qualified, United States based editors with doctorate degrees who will receive comfortable compensation for their well-acknowledged services.
5. To measure ongoing success and form partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations.